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Italian cuisine at your fingertips.
In the particular tube-shaped packaging, in ALBA “single portion kit pasta” you will find all the ingredients to prepare the traditional Italian pasta comfortably at home and in a few simple steps.
The right amount of pasta, a pinch of salt, a sauce to be added at will and a final sprinkling of chilli or spices and here the Italian flavors will delight your palate as you were in Italy.


All Italian taste in a few seconds!
From the Italian culinary tradition born an absolute novelty in the catering:  the prepared dish stabilized. Primo Piatto offers a wide selection of first  and second courses to be enjoyed comfortably at home or in the office  during the lunch break. Prepared in a microwave, pan or oven, your favorite  Italian dish will be ready in a few seconds, releasing all the flavor and aroma of  a true home-made gourmet dish. The innovative pasteurization process also  guarantees full conservation of the organoleptic characteristics for 12 months
while maintaining the product at room temperature. The absence of preservatives,
additives and dyes makes Primo Piatto a highly digestible food suitable for everyone.
Primo Piatto owns the Bio, Alal, Gluten free and Vegan product certifications.