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Dark and milk chocolate

Delicious cubes of dark chocolate and milk that melt in your mouth, to enjoy all the flavor of chocolate playing with so many combinations of flavor thanks to the sachets of “pour” in the hole specially designed to give the right balance between taste and fragrance a product all Made in Italy.
To be enjoyed alone or in company Cubootto is also a gift idea that will be appreciated by your loved ones for captivating and colorful packaging.

Italyco cheese

A cheese like a chocolate!
An absolute novelty on the market: a delicious cube of Italian cheese, naturally lactose-free, which adapts to any type of occasion and allows you to taste all the taste of cheese combined with the most particular flavors of the carefully selected glazes to obtain an
explosion of flavor. You can enjoy them at the end of a meal as if it were a dessert  or as an aperitif with friends to whom you want to experience new gastronomic experiences all made in Italy. The captivating and colorful packaging makes  Cubootto also an original and unique gift idea.

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